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Annual Episode

Subject: Annual Episode
Author: Amanda
Date: 10/3/2005 2:39 pm
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Every year around this time, I break out in a rash on my arms, legs, thighs and hips that looks and feels like Poison Ivy. There are no blisters, just a hot, red, itchy rash that causes swelling in the affected areas. I strongly suspect that a very bad case of Poison Oak I had as a child may have something to do with this. Is this possible?

I went to a doctor once, but tests were inconclusive, so I was given both antibiotics and steroids. One of them knocked it out, but I haven't a clue which it was.

I am enduring another episode as I type this. I am using a good cortisone cream to help make the itching bearable until it runs its course. Is there another, more effective remedy?

Any advice is welcome

Annual Episode (Approved)Amanda10/3/2005 2:39 pm
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    Re: Annual Episode (Approved)Amanda10/17/2005 9:02 pm