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....and cats too

Subject: ....and cats too
Author: Patrick
Date: 10/1/2005 2:13 pm
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I'm glad i checked these responses, but does any one know for sure how long the oils can stay on the fur? My wife just had a baby and hadn't been outside for a while so how did she get it?
She had thought she got it from me...but after investigating i can only assume the cats had given it to her. she had it on the back of her shoulder. The doctor told her it wasn't contagious so i knew they were the culprits. I seem to always get it on my shins but it doesn't bother me much....but now i know when i let the cats in, they rub against my shins to say "hi" and thank me for letting them in for a little snack. She can no longer blame me for bringing it into the house from going golfing. So how long does the oils stay on the fur?

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