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Re: PI swelling

Subject: Re: PI swelling
Author: Joel
Date: 9/30/2005 10:16 pm
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Years ago, my son's FACE swoll so badly when he had PI that he looked like a monster. He couldn't open his eyes, he was red and swollen ... oh, i shudder to think about it. We, too, tried Zanfel and it worked wonders.

Now, my wife and I are dealing with a case of Poison Oak from our back yard, and Zanfel has come to the rescue again! Expensive, but worth it.

So, in answering your question, different people react differently. Our child's doctor AND the emergency room medics told us that it LOOKED far more serious than it was. A shot, some medication, and a couple of Zanfel scrubs and he was back to normal in a few days.

Take care!

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