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Re: What a grind

Subject: Re: What a grind
Author: Shawntel
Date: 9/28/2005 6:39 am
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Joe, I fully understand the breaking point you can get to. Last night I broke down into a fit of tears due to the pain and itch. My biggest fear was if PI was contagious. Everyone at work has an opinion on it but I hadn't had the chance to do my own research until this morning. what a great site this is! I was so concerned about the oozing, that I wouldn't allow my arms to touch anything, and when they did, like our couch, I was afraid that I just spread oils to them. This made for uncomfortable days of arms in the air!

I believe I have bought out my local pharmacy for treatments, but I hadn't thought of the goldbond. And the cold packs sound like a great idea, sometimes my arms don't itch, they burn.

Hang in there! I too keep telling myself that in a month or so this will be just a memory.

What a grind (Approved)Joe9/27/2005 5:25 pm
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