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What a grind

Subject: What a grind
Author: Joe
Date: 9/27/2005 5:25 pm
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3 weeks to the day I contacted PI, I am able to put clothes on again. I had PI from ankles to shoulders and it was pure hell. Thank God for this board and you people. There is a wealth of info here and I needed all of it. Not that everything worked for me but it's great that so many people hung around and gave their best to try to help others. Thank you all.
Whoever said "what works for one person may not work for another and what works for you today may not work for you tomorrow" was right on. I found I had to continually experiment and change treatment options. Early on and after much reading on this site, I decided to forgo doctors and needles and I'm glad I choose that route because it seems to me that the shots prolong the misery and I wanted it over with. I found the best relief using Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion(anti itch) and a perfume free moisturizing lotion.They sell a combination product that has the anti-itch/moisturizer all in one but I found that almost useless and think maybe the moisturizer thins things out too much. I tried anti-histamine and they were great for a few days until I had a reaction to them (I'm 65 and one of the side effects to those drugs is urinary malfunction in older persons).I was having 3-4 baths a day (a half cup of baking soda worked better than oatmeal) plus 3-4 showers with strong soap. In between all this, I used ice cubs in a paper towel and face cloths soaked in ice water. Whatever it takes.
Things got so bad at times I felt like crying or throwing myself off my 7th floor balcony. I kept telling myself " It ain't cancer" "This too shall pass" "It's a long way from my heart" etc. etc. Anyone new to this site and new to PI really has my sympathy and I would never pooh pooh their plight but human beings can withstand anything as long as they know it is not forever and PI is not.

What a grind (Approved)Joe9/27/2005 5:25 pm
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