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Re: Any Tips on Cleaning Cloths?

Subject: Re: Any Tips on Cleaning Cloths?
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/26/2005 1:30 am
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Jimbo, your doctor was right. The new areas are not contagious, nor are the linens, wash cloths, and (I assume you meant?) clothes. Hot water and regular laundry detergent is fine. I let them agitate for about 5 minutes, then soak in the soapy water for about 30 minutes and then turn the washer back on, to make sure all the oil has been dissolved. If she has already washed the clothes, then they are okay. A simple way to remember, is once you see a bump, your body has already absorbed the oil and you cannot be contagious to anyone after the oil is inside the skin cells. Only when it is on top of your skin is the only time you can rub against someone and give it to them. So, if you have spots, that means you were either in contact with her when she had the oil on her skin, or from her clothes BEFORE they were washed, not after the rash or from already washed clothes. Remember, the oil is invisible to the naked eye and is absorbed rather quickly.

Finding new spots while having older areas of rash is very common for everyone. It just means those areas absorbed less oil so the reaction was not as immediate. The thickness of your skin factors into breakout time also, thinner skin will show first reactions, and so on.

When the oozing stops is when she will start healing, even though it will still look very red and maybe even raised and leathery. Unfortunately healing itches too to some extent. When the fluid dries up then you need to start moisturizing the areas so the skin layers underneath can heal properly. If you continue to dry it out, you might experience cracking of the skin, infection, or a dry skin rash. Use a good unscented moisturizing cream or lotion until new skin appears and redness is gone.

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