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Re: Poison Ivy

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/24/2005 7:21 pm
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I agree with your steroids comments. I think the reason why people say YES to them is simply because they are uninformed, or are just so fed up with the discomfort of PI that they will try just about anything. Unfortunately they learn it was the wrong move (unless they were faced with a severe or life threatening allergic reaction to the PI then steroids can save your life, such as if your airway closes up).

Salt baths, using a dead sea salt or ocean salt without any added perfumes, would be helpful for drying up PI when in the oozing stage. Sweating will do nothing except make you itch more, and heat and hot water should be avoided when you have a rash. Sweating will not release PI oil from your skin cells. Peroxide or alcohol should not be overused, and using peroxide without diluting could be very dangerous on already compromised skin.

I have used many homepathic remedies and found them to be very good and safe. I hope I never get PI again but most likely will because it is on my property. Since I have never used Rhus Tox I cannot say from experience, but they also make a lotion for the rash that is most likely better than typical over the counter preparations for itching. I plan on purchasing a bottle to have on hand.

Poison Ivy (Approved)Hillary9/24/2005 9:11 am
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