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Re: Longest documented cases?

Subject: Re: Longest documented cases?
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/22/2005 3:58 pm
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Lala, did you read my post explaining what happens when you have taken steroids? It is right above your post here in this thread. Are you taking any multi-viatmins? If not you should to build up your immune system which seems to be stressed because of all the medicines and PI.

Here are some excellent supplements to take along with a multi vitamin to improve overall health and to speed healing:

1) CoQ 10
2) Pycnogenol
3) Vitamin E (natural not synthetic)
4) Aloe Papaya Juice
5) Green Miracle or a good quality powdered Super Green Food (this is made from vegetables)
6) Ionic trace minerals

I highly recommend these from the medical research I have done for 20 years, and from personal experience. All of these products contain the necessary materials your cells need to be healthy and in turn keep you healthy and are totally safe with no side effects. they are safe for diabetics. Just adding a few to your daily diet would cause a turnaround to better health. If you only want to try one, try the Pycnogenol. It is one of those supplements that you can feel improvements on just about anything that ails you in a matter of days. Anyone who has ever tried Pycnogenol at my recommendations have ALWAYS told me they had improved and felt better in general. Buying all these products that would last for at least a month or more would cost the same as one office visit to a doctor...yet people can get cheap when it comes to supplements. Think of it as an investment for good health now AND tomorrow. A way to save is buy them online versus GNC or a health food store. Swanson Vitamins online has good prices and that is where I get all the above products. Green Miracle is not available at Swanson, it is a Dee Simmons product from UltimateLiving.com and is expensive ($50 a can) but top of the line, organic, pharmaceutical grade food supplement. It is used by Cancer Treatment hospitals for their patients to build up their immune systems from chemo and radiation. There are other green powdered vegetable products on the market if this is too much for you to spend.

Please try the cold water treatments for itching and if you suspect your skin is too DRY, (which can cause an itchy rash too in the same areas that had PI) start moisturing with a good cream or lotion made of natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin e, or emu oil (which is an excellent skin healer/restorer). Aveeno makes a cream WITHOUT MINERAL OIL that heals that is readily available at most stores. I order my emu oil online. Research proves it to be one of the best skin remedies discovered because it penetrates all the layers and contains beneficial vitamins & minerals. Let me know how you're doing! Good luck, and I hope you get some relief soon.

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