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Little boy+bad outbreak

Subject: Little boy+bad outbreak
Author: Jessica
Date: 9/20/2005 10:51 pm
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I have an 8 yr old son.Every Aug-Sept he gets SOME degree of an outbreak,most of the time it's aweful.
Is this is poison ivy seaon? Is it more contagious than others? How can you tell a poison ivy outbreak from some other type of 'poison' oil (sumac,oak,ect).
His outbreak this year has landed him with a week off school,low-grade fever,bacterail infection ,weeping of the blisters, and an arm swollen twice it's noraml size.

Despite seeing pics of poison ivy, in the woods I cannot identify it from any other leafy thing. I tried to protect by making him wear long pants in the wooded areas. It just spreads everywhre else then.

Jessica in Ohio

Little boy+bad outbreak (Approved)Jessica9/20/2005 10:51 pm
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