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Re: same oil?

Subject: Re: same oil?
Author: theangel
Date: 9/20/2005 6:19 pm
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Thanks Debbie for that info. I have an appointment with a dermatologist tomm (I do not know how I am gonna survive another night other than going home and poppin' some Allergy meds and maybe even a Unisom...) but that (SWIMMER'S ITCH)is something I haven't heard of, and certainly didn't consider.

It would make more sense than anything else so far. I mean if it really was poison ivy I'd think I'd have it all over my hands (from pulling on the roots with bare hands) my feet (from stomping the vile crap into the garbage can) and all over my arms and ankles, face and shoulders etc etc (from pulling and folding this stuff, it brushed against me everywhere...)
The areas that the clusters are around are the surfaces that touched the water (do these larvae/parasites float, or stay close to or on the surface of the water?) Are some people more sensitive to these parasites, (like, does everyone react to them) 'cause if so I should prolly call the friends I went with... I will bring this up to my Dr to assist with the Dx, what kind of treatment should I be asking for? Should I be getting a steroid shot, will that even help?
again, any info is appreciated...

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