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Re: cleaning shoes?

Subject: Re: cleaning shoes?
Author: VacationExposure
Date: 9/18/2005 1:01 am
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I've been wondering for almost a year now how to clean my lace-up leather boots that I'm pretty sure tromped through poison ivy or poison oak when I was on vacation. I've had each boot in a separate plastic bag ever since, and would really like to know what will safely and effectively clean leather (soft leather) so I can wear my boots again this winter. They're too expensive to toss, and I didn't actually get what I'm pretty sure was poison oak because I had on the boots and long pants. I understand, wear gloves, but will a leather cleaner remove the poison oil? Do I really need to soak them down if leather cleaner even works? If they've been bagged for nearly a year, are they maybe even safe by now without cleaning? I've been fretting about this since I wore the boots on vacation! Please help.

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