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really embarressing poison ivy please help me

Subject: really embarressing poison ivy please help me
Author: patricia
Date: 9/15/2005 7:20 pm
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so last saturday night i went out to a frat party with some friends and got drunk and i kept having to pee so i would go in their backyard and once i wiped myself with some leaf that i can't remember which could have been poison ivy but my worst fear is that it is genital herpes because it hasn't spread and maybe the leaf i used had been pissed on before by someone infected. however, i am a virgin and have never had oral sex or any of that. i got mad itching the next morning on both lower thighs, and some red dots near my pubic hair and all around the opening of my actual vagina and butt. it's been itching like mad since but they seem to be going away but the itching is still crazy especially between my thighs.
and today i think i found a tick in my pants? i'm so scared honestly please help me.

really embarressing poison ivy (Approved)patricia9/15/2005 7:20 pm
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