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Re: Reaction to Prednisone

Subject: Re: Reaction to Prednisone
Author: Amy
Date: 9/13/2005 10:20 pm
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Hi there. I have had nasty reactions to Prednisone for many years now, as I unfortunately keep getting exposed to Poison Ivy, Sumac, and and Oak. I have had very severe mood problems, wanting to be all alone and ready to shout at anyone, major heart palpitations and I have a circulatory/adrenal gland disorder. I am on regular non-O.T.C. medications and I felt like I was on massive doses of caffine, and many other major stimulants. I hate Prednisone, but, in very rare cases, it can be okay. Benadryl 2percent from the drugstore on the affected areas does help. Keep up cool or cold showers, wash all clothing, bedding, bed pillows,quilts and blankets, in Hot water with detergent. I highly recommend washing the items in Hot water twice. Gets the oils and stuff out more throughly. Has certainly worked for me. My family suffers from these poisons every year, and we all share info. I am more than glad to post it here. Use Tecnu (teclabsinc.com) for washing in the shower. Use only on affected areas or the rash may spread. (It did on me and my family and many friends.) Oak and Ivy Brand, the manufacturers, also make a strong menthol-scented treatment gel for the skin called CalaGel. TecLabs has a 1-800 number:
1-800-ITCHING. Not very original, but they may have some more ideas and help.
It works well, but Benadryl 2percent- not one as it does basically nothing- but 2 percent.
USe Tecnu cleanser anytime after exposure. It still helped me a lot. The bottles are 4 fl. oz., so I recommend more than one, same with the Benadryl 2 percent, I get at least three.
I have gotten the rashes right near my eyes, mouth, scalp, and entire rest of my body. I have a relative who got it in a Very sensitive part of the body and learned his lesson fast about the proper things to wear while doing yardwork.
Long sleeves, long slacks, long pants, even long skirts are okay while outside.
Prednisone and very similar meds are the only ones available now. I really hope that changes very soon for those of us who
have wretched experiences with the drugs. Doctors should consider other drugs besides Prednisone for new cases and major problems. It boggles the mind that they did not do this yet.
Also, Oatmeal baths, loads of oatmeal, can help with the itching. Use with cold water.
Best of luck- I am hoping for the best for you.

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