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Re: when do symptoms start

Subject: Re: when do symptoms start
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/10/2005 0:53 am
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It is possible Diana, but not common to itch right away. It usually takes a day or more for the rash to manifest in most people. Breakouts from PI can continue for weeks. Perhaps you stepped on Stinging Nettle which causes an immediate reaction in everybody. For the most part, stinging nettle bumps/rash don't last more than a day or so and they contain no Urushiol oil like poison ivy plants. Poison ivy rashes can last up to a month or more but depending on exposure, 2-3 wks. is average from intial outbreak-oozing--healing stage. Not all rash bumps will be severe enough to blister but most PI victims have at least a few that do.

Poison ivy rash is nothing more than an allergic contact dermatitis from the PI oil, and it can be dreadful and causes suffering for most, but is not harmful to an unborn baby. An exception would be if it was so severe it became systemic (in the blood) but that is rare. The harmful oil (urushiol) that is absorbed by your skin cannot get to the baby in your uterus. Being pregnant you should avoid steroid based medications for PI. Doctors do administer it to pregnant women, but you should know the risks involved. Read the latest threads here on Prednisone. The problem with steroids during pregnancy is thought to be adrenal suppression of the fetal adrenal glands. The glands of the baby do not develop until about 3-4 months and it takes a while to achieve the problem. Taking them early would be of little risk so they say, but why take the chance with your unborn child? Antihistamines should also be avoided unless with doctor's approval. Check with your OB/GYN before using any over the counter meds. Safe remedies are the way to go for itching---like cold water compresses, ice cubes, noxzema and menthol based products help also. Use common sense when applying things to your skin and please no hot water treatments, bleach, etc. unless you want it to get worse. Good luck! Legallylipgloss4@yahoo.com

when do symptoms start (Approved)Diana9/9/2005 5:02 pm
  Re: when do symptoms start (Approved)Debbie9/10/2005 0:53 am