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Re: Clematis...PI Imposter?

Subject: Re: Clematis...PI Imposter?
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/9/2005 11:51 pm
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Hi Susan. There are so many types of cultivar clematis that you would have list the botanical (species) name of it to narrow down leaf shapes of the plant. Just like the flowers can be different, so can the leaves. Anyhow, to your question, it is possible that you have poison ivy growing in or around it as PI will grow just about anywhere. Your best bet is to play detective and trace back all the clematis vines to the original rootstock in the ground. By looking at this it would be easy to see if there is a different species of plant growing in or nearby and using your clematis as a trellis. It would look different in various ways and not be attached to the "crown" of the clematis rootstock (base of plant where the vines are growing out from.)

Still can't tell? Poison Ivy turns bright reddish and/or yellow in fall. Also there will be off white berries with thin yellowish rinds that look like little pumpkins near winter. It will be easy to see where this is if you have an infestation somewhere in your yard with these clues. This site has wonderful pics and info and you should be able to identify using them. I have helped others here with "mystery" plants so if you want to send me a pic, feel free and I will do my best to help. [email protected]

Clematis...PI Imposter? (Approved)Susan9/9/2005 3:30 pm
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