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Clematis...PI Imposter?

Subject: Clematis...PI Imposter?
Author: Susan
Date: 9/9/2005 3:30 pm
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My husband and I were clearing out some weeds and unfortunately he contracted PI. (I was wearing gloves and he wasn't). So I've been looking at other plants in our garden after viewing this website. I've planted a clematis vine and have always touched it before but never noticed the type of leaves it has. Today I noticed three leaves clustered together with the middle leaf on a longer stem. Is this part of the plant or do I have PI growing with it?

Clematis...PI Imposter? (Approved)Susan9/9/2005 3:30 pm
  Re: Clematis...PI Imposter? (Approved)Debbie9/9/2005 11:51 pm
    Re: Clematis...PI Imposter? (Approved)Lonni Ferguson6/21/2010 11:41 am