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Re: what helps most?

Subject: Re: what helps most?
Author: Jan
Date: 9/9/2005 11:47 am
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I got a few hours of relief from hot water. My rash is on my ankles and spreading. I run hot water (as hot as you can stand-test with hand first) on my feet, either in the tub or bucket. Prepare for the most intense itch you have ever experienced. This is good and short lived, for when the itching seems to subside, you have reach maximum relief. I pat dry with a clean towel and spread on a thin coat of cortisone ointment. This is not a cure, only itch relief. Apparently, heat causes histamines(chemicals in your cells) to be released in response to the supposed irritant(in this case, the heat) and when histamine release is maxxed out, until the cell's chemical balance recovers, you can look forward to a few hours of relief.

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