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what helps most?

Subject: what helps most?
Author: dain bramaged
Date: 9/9/2005 4:32 am
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So far, the best relief I can get is 2 hours. I've tried the topical corticosteroids, Burt's Bee's soap, baking soda paste, Burn Ice (aloe vera, tea tree extract, and lidocaine), ice, cold washrags.

I like the Burn Ice the best so far, because it dries and isn't greasy or anything I might get on the furniture. But is there anything that might give me more long term relief?

I don't want to try any steroids besides topical ones, and I can't afford to spend but maybe $20 for the rest of this month.

what helps most? (Approved)dain bramaged9/9/2005 4:32 am
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