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Subject: Prednisone
Author: Kassle
Date: 9/8/2005 9:26 am
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OK - I caved and got Prednisone tablets from the doctor. I took the last one Sunday morning. By Monday, I was breaking out in hives. This is NOT more poison ivy as suggested by some threads related to the rash coming back once the steroids are stopped. What confuses me is it seems like it might be my body's reaction to the steroids working their way out of my system, yet the reseach I'm doing on hives shows Prednisone as a treatment. Left a message for the doctor (if I don't get some sleep soon I'll go nuts!) Anyone else had this reaction? How long until the hives settle down? Thanks.

Prednisone (Approved)Kassle9/8/2005 9:26 am
  Re: Prednisone (Approved)Debbie9/8/2005 7:26 pm