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Re: popping single blister

Subject: Re: popping single blister
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/7/2005 0:30 am
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The fluid in the blisters is NOT poison ivy oil, is NOT contagious, and will NOT make your rash spread. The fluid is a by-product of your own cell's reactions to the irritants from the Urushiol oil. The fluid is mostly made up of water and white blood cells and is HARMLESS. Touching it will NOT do anything to anybody. When you are in the oozing stage, what you need to be most careful about is not to put things on your skin that could cause an infection. It is most vulnerable at this stage. Use common sense instead. You can safely use witch hazel, bactine, or sea breeze to help dry it up faster, along with soothing wet cold cloth compresses. Why bother the blister it will dry up on it's own. If you pop it remember you still run the risk of infection, not just from the needle but from what can enter the skin when you made an opening. You are VERY lucky you only have one blister~

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