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HELP ME i got a short amount of time

Subject: HELP ME i got a short amount of time
Author: heather
Date: 9/6/2005 6:36 pm
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hi i have a few questions
One- If you have it on your legs can you still wear pants or will that spread it.
Two- i need to get rid of it soon like a few dys is their a kitchen
remidy i can use to get rid of rash? three- is their a shot i can
take to keep away me getting this? four- should i pop the clear
blisters or can that be bad?

I had it bad it started on friday its now tuesday, I had it bad at
first on my face my eyes swelled up but its gone from face now i just
got it on my arms hands and legs.

please help i got until friday to rid it from my arms and hands bc a party,

My email address is temptressall4you@lycos.com please send answers there

HELP ME i got a short amount o (Approved)heather9/6/2005 6:36 pm
  Re: HELP ME i got a short amou (Approved)Nan9/7/2005 10:34 am