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Re: 3 leaves, but small thorns on vine

Subject: Re: 3 leaves, but small thorns on vine
Author: Debbie
Date: 9/6/2005 3:52 pm
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Poison Ivy does not have thorns but when it grows like a vine on trees or fences, the vine is very "hairy" looking like it is covered with bristles or like a fuzzy rope. These are actually aerial roots. It can grow low along the ground, or as a standing bush also. No wonder we all get fooled by this stuff as it is so versatile in shape and can grow just about anywhere. Maybe you have encountered a raspberry plant which has 3 leaves just like PI, but the edges of the leaves have fine teeth like a saw. PI leaves can be "toothed" but not like raspberry leaves. Raspberry plants DO have thorns. Poison ivy can have uniformly shaped leaves but the giveaway is the thorn issue (if they are indeed thorns and not something else.)

Stinging Nettle has little sharp projections (hollow hairs) along the stems and on leaves that can cause a painful rash. Maybe this is what you are talking about? Do a Google Image search for both types of plants and see if this looks like what you have.

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