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New rash or revisit????

Subject: New rash or revisit????
Author: Beth Michaels
Date: 9/2/2005 11:50 am
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I encountered poison ivy for the 1st time ever at the end of May and it was a pretty terrible case--all over my face and body, blisters, weeping, swelling etc. I waited it out a few days, then had to stop off in the ER because my eyes were swelling shut. They gave me a prescription for prednisone, and anti-itch meds. I took them until my fill ran out, but my rash was still very present and very itchy, so I contacted student health and they told me that the drugs stay in my system for a long time so it would continue to clear up. It did--but took a long time--at over a month. My question now--Yesterday, September 1, I woke up with an itchy face and one of my eyes was swollen. At seemed to get slightly better throughout the day, then blew up at night, weeping blisters, huge swelling an lots of burning and redness. I went to the ER again and got a shot of prednisone and other prescriptions. When I was in the shower today, I noticed the places where it is developing are the SAME PLACES that it was before--is there any way that it can flare up twice from the same exposure--i've read other responses that say it seems to b/c the drugs, but this is several months later. i havent been NEAR any form of wildlife lately, and I think this is an interesting coincidence.

New rash or revisit???? (Approved)Beth Michaels9/2/2005 11:50 am
  Re: New rash or revisit???? (Approved)SuziG9/19/2005 5:13 pm