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Re: Oils still on bike carrier?

Subject: Re: Oils still on bike carrier?
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/31/2005 10:04 am
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Hi Crystal. Yes, that is a very good idea to clean them. Oil may be on the items mentioned that could contaminate family members over and over. All you need to do is wash all surfaces down with a degreasing type detergent and water. Make sure you wear rubber gloves just in case as you wouldn't want to risk getting oil on your hands while cleaning. Rinse really well, let air dry, and they should be fine. I think Tide laundry soap would be sufficient. Believe it or not Automatic Dishwasher (not dishwashing) detergent is stronger than laundry detergent and will get rid of stains better than a prewash. You can use that to wash them down if you already have it. Alcohol is a good solvent for removing the urushiol oil but in your case I would use one of the detergents. Guess your hubby learned the hard way not stray away from the path! LOL Take care! Legallylipgloss4@yahoo.com

Oils still on bike carrier? (Approved)Crystal8/30/2005 10:38 pm
  Re: Oils still on bike carrier (Approved)Debbie8/31/2005 10:04 am