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Oils still on bike carrier?

Subject: Oils still on bike carrier?
Author: Crystal
Date: 8/30/2005 10:38 pm
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This may sound odd, but we went bike riding as a family & my husband decided he wanted to go off the trail, and ended up getting stuck in a tight spot because he had the bike trailer with the 2 kids in it. Well he ended up getting Poison Ivy--although everyone else is fine--I was wearing pants, but I was wondering if the oils can still be on the wheels or on the bike trailer, and if so what should I do to get it off?
Thanks in advance,

Oils still on bike carrier? (Approved)Crystal8/30/2005 10:38 pm
  Re: Oils still on bike carrier (Approved)Debbie8/31/2005 10:04 am