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Still have poison ivy/sumac?

Subject: Still have poison ivy/sumac?
Author: Jessie
Date: 8/30/2005 0:20 am
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Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time with poison ivy. I belive I came in contact with it about a month ago, and just saw a few pimply looking things on my right leg. I decided to pop it because I had NO idea what it was... I get zits/ingrown hairs, so I thought it was that. About three days later I started to itch like hell!!! It wont go away and has continued to spread to my left leg and my forearm..... I just want it to stop spreading... I am dealing with the itch by using Vicks and hairdryer, which is currently working well.

Still have poison ivy/sumac? (Approved)Jessie8/30/2005 0:20 am