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Re: Misery, How do I clean Hoses

Subject: Re: Misery, How do I clean Hoses
Author: Nat
Date: 8/28/2005 9:04 am
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I'm pretty sure its the hoses. Its like clock work for the last 3 weeks. I have just finished my second 7 day pack of prednisone earlier this week and on thursday after I cleaned everything with bleach and a big pressure washer, I was 80% healed up, I went out for about 16 hours to 2 different jobs and sure enough friday night I have a whole new series of outbreaks. Same thing happened twice now. The hoses I have to clean are probably in the neighborhood of 40k$ so just buying new ones is out of the question. I know I am highly allergic, because the last time I got it all over my face and I went untreated for 3 days and ended up in the emergency room for several hours naked on gurny (sp) while the doctors thought I was going to die, because I looked like frankenstein.

But!!! this site is the greatest thign ever. ZANFEL=GOLD! Man I read about Zanfel on here and I was like "$39.99 for 1oz, this stuff better work." Man that stuff cleared me up probably 70% in one use and 24 hours since my last post.

Talked to my boss and we are going to get a 55 gallon drum of some industrial tree sap deegreezer and fill up a horse waterer, and just soak every hose over night in the stuff. He feels so bad for me at this point hes talking about giving me a promotion to a different bigger cooler truck anyways :).

Thankyou peeps so much!!!

Misery, How do I clean Hoses (Approved)Nat8/26/2005 9:33 pm
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