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Re: Post shot swelling cold water???

Subject: Re: Post shot swelling cold water???
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/26/2005 11:32 am
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Hi Marlando. That is odd but maybe it was the impact of the water that caused the swelling, not the temperature. Swelling is always a sign of injury or excess fluids in tissues from leaking blood vessels. Try to wrap your weeping area in cold cloths and then use Saran Wrap to hold in place while you sleep. Do not wrap tight, just tight enough to hold the wet cold cloth in place. Put your foot up on a pillow or even 2 pillows, to get enough of an incline so the swelling caused by internal fluids will go down. Sleep this way also. Ibuprofen will help reduce swelling. If you hurt the area with a hard spray, that might have caused the trauma. Soaking in a pan of cold water is the best way, your skin is very sensitive and vulnerable now. Write me if you need help with anything else. legallylipgloss4@yahoo.com

Post shot swelling cold water? (Approved)Marlando8/26/2005 2:17 am
  Re: Post shot swelling cold wa (Approved)Debbie8/26/2005 11:32 am