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Post shot swelling cold water???

Subject: Post shot swelling cold water???
Author: Marlando
Date: 8/26/2005 2:17 am
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Yesterday, I went to the doctor and got a shot, and today, I can tell very easily that the majority of the poison ivy is receeding. On my right ankle, I have a purplish oozing patch from where I popped the blisters, but it has done nothing but leak fluid. After reading that cold water could reduce the weeping effect on my leg, I went into the shower and put the sprayer on cold. Immediately, 5 minutes or less, my ankle and foot swelled by about 4/3 the size of my normal ankle. I have taken hot showers and normal showers, but never put on cold, but it doesn't make sense that it is what caused the swelling. What should I do?

Post shot swelling cold water? (Approved)Marlando8/26/2005 2:17 am
  Re: Post shot swelling cold wa (Approved)Debbie8/26/2005 11:32 am