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Re: P.I. in the eyes

Subject: Re: P.I. in the eyes
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/21/2005 7:35 pm
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I have never heard of a case of blindness from poison ivy, and could not find any info about that. However, you can go blind from chicken pox or the later outbreak of Herper Zoster virus (Shingles) if you get blisters in your eyes. She may have had a severe outbreak where her eyelids were swollen shut for a lengthy period of time. Also, there is a possibillity that she got an infection in her eyes (cellulitis) that could cause blindness if left untreated. This happened to my son when he was 3 and it was very scary, as I was told he could lose sight in the eye that was swollen shut & infected. He was hospitalized and luckily the intravenous antibiotics worked. All this from a tiny sidewalk scrape near his eye! So, I believe it is possible she could have had a serious case of PI that caused a secondary infection to set in and indanger her sight. Your eyes have the thinnest skin on your face, so if you get PI in them, the reaction is worse. i ALWAYS wear sunglasses when I garden or mow to keep out plant sap. [email protected]

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