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Re: Oozing phase

Subject: Re: Oozing phase
Author: ItchyZi
Date: 8/17/2005 9:31 am
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I've heard that the oozing is actually the oil, however, scientifically, I don't know if that's true.

I've read that the thing to do is to use Baking soda on it, that the oil/oozing/nasty stuff will become absorbed in the baking soda and then you just remove the baking soda stuff w/a tissue.

I also had a big patch of my PI ooze like this, and it moderately freaked me out because it looked nasty.

I wouldn't touch this stuff w/your hands, if I were you! The last time I had this, I used just a tissue to absorb the nasty stuff, but if I had had baking soda at the time, I think I'd have rather done it that way. ~ So you're not accidentally smearing it anywhere w/the tissue.

I'm sorry if this sounds kinda gross, but I think it just IS gross.

On one small oozing spot, I bandaged it so it wouldn't get anywhere. Some folks here on the site say it's not good to bandage it, but this was on my finger, and I think it helped me.

I think I did bandage that big spot too. I didn't want it to get everywhere and I thought if I could just keep it in one area, that might help with the spreading.

(The prednazone oral pills really helped clear up most of my PI the last time. But I still have it... right now... lol)

Blessings to you! I hope you feel better! I hope your PI goes away!


Itchy Zi

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