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Re: contaminated items in house?

Subject: Re: contaminated items in house?
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/14/2005 10:08 pm
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Hi Kim. No, that time frame is for oil on your skin. What I meant was, if you wait longer than 20-30 minutes to wash yourself, most of the damage has already been done as your skin will have absorbed a good amount of oil. I would not skip washing even if it is past 30 minutes. I learned the hard way--one summer I was so tired that I just washed with regular soap (couldn't find my Fels Naptha) and I broke out with a terrible case of Poison Ivy. Had I even washed LATER after washing with regular soap, I doubt my rash would have been so severe, because the oil was not removed with regular soap. PLEASE NOTE that you should wash your skin with COLD WATER as not to open up your pores more to absorb more oil. As to your house, the oil is still there unless you rubbed it all off already. You can use warm to hot water when cleaning around your home for PI. So anytime you want to clean where you think you may have oil, it is okay. I have read that the oils keep their potency a very long time (years--sometimes decades.) It wouldn't hurt to give your sofa's a light wiping with the Fels solution. I have poison ivy again right now, and although it is almost cleared up, I still have a newer area that broke out about 2 weeks after the first areas. That is the nature of the beast...it just means I didn't get as much oil on that spot. Also I should mention the newer spots did itch but did not reach a blister stage. This is evidence that the oil was not as concentrated on those areas. That could be the reason for the new break-outs on your legs. But it wouldn't hurt to wipe your furniture if you think it may be the culprit, just more work for you :( Well I hope you get better soon! [email protected]

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