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Re: outbreak subsidded, but rough rash left

Subject: Re: outbreak subsidded, but rough rash left
Author: Debbie
Date: 8/2/2005 8:10 pm
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Lulu, there is a product called CALMOSEPTINE ointment that I found out of desperation to help my son when he was little after 100's of dollars spent at the dermatologist's and prescription ointments. He is 15 yrs. old now and I always have a tube or jar of it in my medicine cabinet as it is a wonder working cream. If you cannot find it in a retail store, it is sold online at www.calmoseptine.com. On the website you can see pictures of the drastic conditions it healed under Case Studies. Be forewarned though, the pics are graphic as they are elderly patients with severe cases of irritation in private areas--not for a weak stomach. My son, who was also very fair, had eczema from age 7 months on and nothing cleared it up but the Calmoseptine. You will find it will help your son's skin heal much faster and if he has a secondary problem from the poison ivy infection like yeast, the calmoseptine will kill that too. You will be reaching for it again and again for all kinds of skin irritations for him & your family. It is widely used in nursing homes and hospitals. I used this on my last poison ivy outbreak and have recommended it to lots of mothers--they have always given it great reviews. I ask my local drugstore to stock it, and he always gets a case but a few times I had to order online when he was out. Good luck, let me know if you got it and how it worked for you! [email protected]

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