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You've got to try this for poison ivy.....

Subject: You've got to try this for poison ivy.....
Author: Kelly
Date: 7/31/2005 1:54 pm
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I would have been asking for advice too.....

My 4-yr old daughter just came down with it EVERYWHERE. Since it is on her face too and >30% of her body, most everything I've read says see a Dr. I bought the same product another person recommended on this site (Zanfel) at CVS last night. Thought I'd try vs. a 5-hour wait at the ER on a Sunday. It is a scrub. Sort of like a facial scrub. Follow the directions exactly. So far, huge results. Her itching has stopped and the bumps seem a lot less inflamed. I'll probably do a second time before she goes to bed tonight. I definitely recommend.

If it comes back vs. going away completely (I've read it can), I'll be emailing for advice.


You've got to try this for poi (Approved)Kelly7/31/2005 1:54 pm