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Re: Repeat Outbreak

Subject: Re: Repeat Outbreak
Author: Kat
Date: 7/21/2005 8:23 pm
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Wow, can I relate! I got PI yet have none in my yard. No clue how I got it. Started over two weeks ago on my neck and a small patch on my forehead and top of ear. I used Zanfel (expensive stuff!) but it really helped me. I also got a small patch on my ankle. The neck is cleared up, the ear, forehead. BUT I now have a line of it on my chest, my left breast has tiny spots that itch like heck, right breast is getting it now, ankle spot still there, nothing changed there, on right leg, now itchy all over and not sure if it's in my head or I'm breaking out again! I went to my primary dr. last Friday n asked him if he thought it was systemic. He laughed and said no such thing! Huh? Might need a need a new dr.! I don't want prednisone because I'm highly allergic to so many drugs n I hear that is a tricky drug for many folks in general. sigh. I'm on vacation in a few days and the last thing I want is to be itching the entire time!!!! I'm curious, can it truly be in your lymph system or blood? Man, this stinks! I hear a hot blow dryer on the spots is soothing..or the opposite..ice cubes. I do like the Tecnu wash and Zanfel. Both have been good up until this point. Good luck to you!

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