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Poison Ivy!

Subject: Poison Ivy!
Author: Don
Date: 7/21/2005 2:57 pm
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I was reading through some of the other posts but did not really find what I would like to know, so here goes...

Got poison ivy a week and a half ago. It is not a very bad case, compared to some of the photos on this site. It is spreading every day. Is this through the blood stream (inside), or is it still showing up where I touched the oil? Is the oil thick and brown? I do remember trying to rub off some brown sticky stuff, right where the worst rash is on my leg. If that was the poison ivy "oil", then why did I not get a rash on my fingers? Also, will the rash keep spreading or start to slow down? How long will the rash stay before it begins to go away? I know it is different in most cases, but I was just wondering. I am thinking about getting a shot of Steroids, but was not sure if my case was that bad, but if it is going to continue to spread, then maybe I should. I have noticed the rash is worse when I am out in the sun, or moving around a lot. Does heat make the rash spread or just make it itch more? Thanks for any info!


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