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Our Brush with Poison Ivy....And what may be working

Subject: Our Brush with Poison Ivy....And what may be working
Author: Lisa A
Date: 7/20/2005 6:56 pm
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My boyfriend was exposed to the oil and has several 'breakout' spots on his arms and legs. It started to show up within the 72 hour period after contact. However,(5 days after his contact) I now have noticed one small spot on my leg, but was never directly in contact with the oil. He did get in our our hot tub (I was in it also) after he was in the woods, could he have spread it to me indirectly in the tub? Or did he have to brush up against me for that to happen? Also, I had a VERY bad break out when I was younger and it covered my body, will this create any type of immunity for me, or some type of tolerence to the oils?
We tried the banana peel remedy tonight, and I will not hesitate to try the urine recommendation as well. I had a horrible experience when I was young and am very traumatized by it. ;) Whatever it takes to prevent a repeat of that I am willing to do.
Any advice or words of wisdom is appreciated....

We did have a past prescription for Prednisone and are currently taking it. So who knows if its that working or the banana peel.... or have we tried the urine??? Your opinion counts!

Our Brush with Poison Ivy....A (Approved)Lisa A7/20/2005 6:56 pm