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skin drying out and splitting

Subject: skin drying out and splitting
Author: Linda
Date: 7/20/2005 3:59 pm
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I think we live in the poison ivy capitol of the world. It surrounds our property and the 89 acres of forest behind us. Our cats and dogs bring it in on their feet and coats. We have lived here 11 years and my husband and three sons have had outbreaks since we moved here but none severe. I have never reacted to it before but this year I broke out in a terrible rash. My face, neck, chest, arms, back and butt are covered and it was to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore so my doctor started me on prednisone on Monday. The itch has subsided but it's not gone completely. I have been and still am using Gold Bond powder to combat itchy spots that keep croppng up daily. The places where the rash was earlier in the week are now drying up to the point where the skin is cracking and little splits are forming. It stings when I shower and even when I sweat. It's like a million little pin pricks all over me. Has anyone else had this reaction?


skin drying out and splitting (Approved)Linda7/20/2005 3:59 pm
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