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Steroids or bust

Subject: Steroids or bust
Author: Anastasia
Date: 7/20/2005 10:20 am
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Hi folks,

I got poison oak all over my body (ran naked through a thicket of it on my way to go skinny dipping, then put the clothes I threw into the bushes back on). After 2 weeks of showing no sign of improvement I went to the Dr. I was put on steroids for 8 days. The itching didnít stop, the rash kept spreading etc. For a week after the steroids were over, the rash continued to be itchy, inflamed and somewhat oozy in spots. I went to another Dr. and got an IV of the medication at which point the itching stopped for the first time in a month! Iím on twice the dosage of oral steroids now and stepping down over 2 weeks. Got some wicked heart burn but itís a fine trade by me. The rash is improving visibly every day, the dead skin is flaking off and my real skin color is coming back. I do have a lot of broken skin from scratching, but thatís healing up too. If your steroid treatment isnít helping in this way, go back to the Dr. and ask for a different treatment. There is no need to suffer or prolong the length of time it will take to heal up.

There is hope!

Steroids or bust (Approved)Anastasia7/20/2005 10:20 am