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Zanfel/Generic test

Subject: Zanfel/Generic test
Author: Greg
Date: 7/18/2005 3:03 pm
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I must have been exposed to some poison ivy on a hike over the weekend, as I now have a large rash that has taken over most of my lower left leg from the top of my foot to just below my knee cap. It was so itchy, red, and painful today around lunch time that I couldn't bear it any longer. After a search of the web turned up this website, I went to the drugstore in search of Zanfel. This particular chain (CVS) sells Zanfel, along side the drug store's "generic" brand. At half the cost but all the same ingredients I figured it was worth the test.

I went to the bathroom in the cafe below my office building and washed the affected area of my leg in the sink with a hearty scrub. It says it takes a couple of washes to be effective, so I may have to repeat this afternoon. The effects were not as miraculous as they purport, but the itching has subsided below the point where I want to chop off my leg.

Zanfel/Generic test (Approved)Greg7/18/2005 3:03 pm
  Re: Zanfel/Generic test (Approved)Heidi7/19/2005 7:39 pm