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Author: itchy2
Date: 7/18/2005 2:47 pm
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im seriously allergic, we have poison everything all around our house and well one of my pets was sick so it ate some grass then it started licking me what i didn't know was that it ate poison ivy oak and sumac
I didn't break out for a day or two but when i did it was horrible i have it all over my legs hands arms and stomach.
I've tried Zanfel, oatmeal baths, aveeno itch cream, benadryl, clay soap(thats supposed to remove oil from skin) nothing is working and it keeps spreading and i havent itched it i need something that works fast and really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY ALLERGIC (Approved)itchy27/18/2005 2:47 pm
  Re: SERIOUSLY ALLERGIC (Approved)tg7/18/2005 6:26 pm
  Hot water/air treatment (Approved)Lia7/19/2005 1:04 pm
  Re: SERIOUSLY ALLERGIC (Approved)heidi7/19/2005 7:40 pm