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Re: is there a flower on poison ivy?

Subject: Re: is there a flower on poison ivy?
Author: Pam
Date: 7/18/2005 1:55 pm
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I pulled a large vine that now has little grapelike fruits, leaves of three on one stem and slightly hairy vine off of my lilac tree. A few weeks ago, light pink flowers appeared. I am literally covered in a rash. I assumed I picked up poison ivy from where it had been seen on the other side of my yard - and where I always wear long sleeves, slacks, etc. I cut the pink flowered vine with short sleeves and shorts - I think this is what gave me the rash. It may not be poison ivy, but if something like this is in your yard, TAKE CARE. Also, I didn't wear gloves and an invisible liquid or sap came out on my hands and turned black - much like when touching a dandelion. I had trimmed this back other years in order not to strangle the lilacs with no adverse results.

I went to the doctor and had a benedryl shot along with prednisone pills and prescription Lydex cream. These have worked before for me with traditional poison ivy, but it's not as sucessful with this exposure. This is also many times more itchy than prior bouts with poison ivy.

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