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Poison Ivy

Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Pat
Date: 7/18/2005 0:17 am
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When I was young, I played cowboys and indians in the bushes and got a bad case of poison ivy rash. From one end to the other. In the mornings, my eyes would be completely closed from the blisters running. Ever since, I seem to be able to get it by just being close to it. I have tried something that seems to dry it up fairly quick and I can't say that this is a good way to treat it, but it seems to work for me. I take plain ordinary bleach on a cotton Q-Tip and dab it on, being careful not to rub it or spread anything. The itching does not seem to be as bad and it does go away soon. This might not be good medical practice, but has not seemed to hurt anything. Maybe it's all in my head. Who knows.

Poison Ivy (Approved)Pat7/18/2005 0:17 am