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mometasone furoate

Subject: mometasone furoate
Author: BLueTEArs
Date: 7/16/2005 2:54 pm
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it was a week of itchin and pain from posion ivy i try everthing but nothing help and stop. so i went to my doctor he gave a cream call MOMETASONE FUROATE once i use this the rash started to spread cause in the moring i had more than what i have yesterday. did anyone use MOMETASONE FUROATE did it help?

mometasone furoate (Approved)BLueTEArs7/16/2005 2:54 pm
  Re: mometasone furoate (Approved)eSCUZZI!7/19/2005 11:12 pm
  Re: mometasone furoate (Approved)Neeeyh2/27/2010 11:26 am