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Re: Treatment..How?

Subject: Re: Treatment..How?
Author: Miserable Texan
Date: 7/15/2005 7:05 am
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Dear Keshia, I feel for you...I'm on day 11 and the itch is finally significantly better. That "darned" urushiol is quite pervasive. I, too, started to wonder why it kept appearing in strange places (under chin, earlobe, rump.) Best advice I can give you is to read more about the problem here and try to find out what works best for you. I know that sounds lame, because some of the ideas for "cures" are downright wacky. Personally, I finally settled with Benadryl, which as a side benefit made me drowsy and allowed me to sleep somewhat. The other source of "relief" was ice packs.

Hang in there! My experience reminds me of having a bad cold/flu - just when you think you cannot take anymore misery you "turn the corner" and start moving back toward wellness. Oh, and I do stand by CalaGel for some aid, as well.

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