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Bug bites?

Subject: Bug bites?
Author: Carolina Jessamine
Date: 7/11/2005 9:00 pm
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I HATE poison ivy, and have really suffered from it. I'm one of those folks who is very sensitive to itching. I vigilantly keep it off my property with Roundup and wash carefully with Technu whenever I think I might have been exposed. For these reasons, I hope, I haven't had PI for years. The last time I had it was when I had been stacking hay that apparently had had PI baled into it. I sympathize totally with everyone suffering from it now.

Two question:

1) I have the impression that PI is growing especially luxuriantly this year (2005) all over the East Coast. Anyone else have that observation?

2) I still get bug bites, even though I use DEET, etc., religiously when I'm outdoors. Does anyone know whether the hot water treatments, etc., work on those itchies as well as on PI rash?

Bug bites? (Approved)Carolina Jessamine7/11/2005 9:00 pm
  Re: Bug bites? (Approved)Nan7/12/2005 5:29 pm