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Re: It's everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Subject: Re: It's everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
Author: cynthia
Date: 7/9/2005 4:19 pm
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This wednesday our family was involved in a roll over accident on our way to go camping. We rolled into a ditch filled with poison oak. We are alive thanks to God however I have contracted the poison oak really bad. Today the dr rx me prednisone and said that would help within 2 days. Last night the itching was so bad that I finally lathered on crest toothpaste with mint scope and that helped ALOT. It gave it a cool/burning sensation but it was better that the OTC stuff my husband bought and cost us about $100 for it all. My rx was only $3.84 today and my dr said I will be thanking her in 2 days.

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