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It's everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Subject: It's everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
Author: Tiah-The Wife
Date: 7/9/2005 3:11 am
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Okay, my husband was weedeating the ditch at our house in the coutry in southern Iowa. Well.... HE didn't wear a shirt. So now he has a very bad case on his arms back and chest. We looked at the help on this website and loved what people had to say. However, we have identified atleast Sumac, wild parsnip (the one that looks like celery & flowers), and Oak. I assume all which hit his body in little tiny peices. So now we have these little tiny welt looking things all over him!!!!!! It's really aweful. 5 nights of him sleeping on the couch. So, we went to the doctor and they gave him an oral steriod. Well, it's spreading to his ankles. Not his legs, just his ankles which leads us to believe it's in his blood stream and were worried!!!! We were told to put bleach on him so went outside and poured it on his body. PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!!!! it burned like hell!!!!! I think he almost cried. :( I will let you know if he has scars for life. (We read that after we had done it. I told him it prob. wasn't a good idea, but he said 5 people said they had done it. and it worked. So, unfortunetly we tried it.) So, we plan on trying to get the shot tomorrow if they will do it without waiting 'til his oral meds are gone. We are just a little scared we have an anniversary party this coming Saturday with atleast 300 people. This means no dancing for him. Any advice at all will be helpful!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I will keep you posted with whatever we find out come the following days. thanks. ~TH

It's everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP (Approved)Tiah-The Wife7/9/2005 3:11 am
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