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Re: red welts, oozing buckets and an attitude

Subject: Re: red welts, oozing buckets and an attitude
Author: jason
Date: 7/7/2005 2:54 pm
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for what its worth:

cold water : next to nothing
trip to doc : $10-15
generic prednisone : $10-15
domeboro (if you need it) : $14
cost of hot water : who cares, its addictive

time to heal : 1-2 weeks max unless you forgot to clean something or need additional prednisone (beyond the typical 12 day). prednisone should being to be noticable on day 3 or 4, thats my experience.

yes i have my own remedies that i try initially (domeboro for example) unless i am about to travel and dont want to mess with it, but in general if i cant control it within 2-3 days then i go to a walk-in (forget appointments) and have my prescription within an hour at most.


currently on day 3 of prednisone and rash is already scabbing, but still doing the hot water treatment. ;)

red welts, oozing buckets and (Approved)jason7/5/2005 1:41 am
  Re: red welts, oozing buckets (Approved)jason7/7/2005 2:54 pm