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Visually detect the oil?

Subject: Visually detect the oil?
Author: Joseph Kotran
Date: 7/2/2005 1:43 am
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I developed a poison ivy rash one week ago. With doctor prescribed steroids I was almost completely healed this week. However, I now have a new rash that is more intense and more widespread than the original one. I understand that the oil can linger and that I must clean it up. Is there a visual method to detect the oil? Are there any products that will make it change color or some other distinguishing characteristic?

I do not want to get too paranoid and start cleaning or throwing out everything in my house. A method to narrow my search efforts would be greatly appreciated.


Joe Kotran

Visually detect the oil? (Approved)Joseph Kotran7/2/2005 1:43 am
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